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The Learning Challenge Curriculum

The National Curriculum (2014) sets out the following aims:

–to ensure that the new National Curriculum embodies rigour and high standards and creates coherence in what is taught in schools
–to ensure that all children are taught the essential knowledge in the key subject disciplines
–beyond that core, to allow teachers greater freedom to use their professionalism and expertise to help all children realise their potential.
During the academic year 2014/15 St. Joseph's will be using the 'Learning Challenge approach' to plan and deliver the foundation subjects. Many schools use the Focus Learning Challenge Approach. This is an approach to planning and delivery rather than a scheme of work. It is driven by ensuring that the curriculum meets the distinctive needs of the pupils based on their context.
  • The Learning Challenge concept is built around the principle of greater learner involvement in their work. It requires deep thinking and encourages learners to work using a question as the starting point.

  • In designing the curriculum, teachers and learners are using a prime learning challenge, expressed as a question, as the starting point. Using the information gained from pre-learning tasks and the school’s context, a series of subsidiary challenges are then planned. Each subsidiary learning challenge is also expressed as a question. Importantly, the learning challenges need to make sense to the learners and be something that is within their immediate understanding.

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