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Sports Premium 2017/2018

Action/Resources  Cost   Anticipated Impact Impact 2018
To enhance the EYFS  £1,045.80   To improve both gross motor and fine    
outdoor area so  
  motor skills.      
Physical activities       So children can work independently   
can take place in all       outdoors as they do indoors.    
weather- outdoor changing     To raise attainment in 'Physical' so most    
shed, waterproofs, boot     children achieve the expected level and   
racks.          more exceed.      
To offer intra comps.              
To offer CPD to staff. £10,854   To raise participation in physical activity   
To offer free lunch club.s
  during lunch time breaks.    
To raise participation in     Teachers are confident and competent   
lunch time activities.     teaching all areas of PE.    
To offer a variety of      To take part in intra competitions during  
sporting clubs.       lunch.        
Livewire membership      Livewire supports our school by offering a   
and support.   £1,700   wide selection of services. These include,  
        staff training in school support, quality   
          coaches to work alongside staff or school   
          clubs and access to a range of competitions  
          and events throughout the year.  
Action/Resources      Cost   Anticipated Impact    
Warrington Sports Academy         To increase the number of     
          children who are active during   
      £330   lunch times.      
          A dance club is available for all    
Lunch time Dance club     children each Monday.     
available to all children.              
  To include maths in other areas of the    
Maths of the Day £650            
          For the subject lead to attend   
PPA Cover for    £260   training sessions and feedback   
Subject lead and      new initiatives.      
To cover teachers              
during compeitions.     So children can attend out of   
          school competitions.    
  So children can develop their skills  
To purchase new      using a variety of equipment  
equipment and        for  different sporting activities.  
update others.   £1025,62          
          This equipment will be used during all  
To purchase new    £954.80   gymnastics lessons across the school.  
equipment to compete 
  It will also be used during a Key  
in the Key Steps      Steps Gymnastics afterschool club  
Gymnastics        where children will be invited  
competitions.       to participate.      


To develop pupils' swimming skills 






89% Year 6 pupils swim competently, confidently and proficiently over 25m. 

84% Year 6 pupils us a range of strokes effienciently. 

67% Year 6 pupils perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations. 


Total so far-











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