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PE Funding 2016/17

Sports Premium Funding April 2016-2017

We will use a substantial proportion of our money this year to work alongside premier sports to improve PE and raise staff confidence in our school.  We will also improve the playground markings and add other enhancements to encourage Health and fitness during breaks and lunch.

















Anticipated Impact

To improve playground £2,973.83   To promote and encourage physical activity       
markings and add Sovereign Design during breaks and lunch time.           
new features.  
Play Systems
  To invite other schools to participate in a       
Add a new track for      netball league.               
EYFS.         To improve Physical development in EYFS.      
To work alongside     To increase confidence in PE lessons.        
Premier Sports.   £3,851   To raise participation in physical activity during      
  lunch time breaks.            
To offer free lunch                      
Action/Resources  Cost   Anticipated Impact      
Livewire membership      Livewire supports our school by offering a wide       
and support.   £1,536   selection of services. These include, staff training,      
        in school support, quality coaches to work       
          alongside staff or school clubs and access to a      
          range of competitions and events throughout      
          the year.              
Staff PE kits and      All staff have a smart PE kit to change into      
EYFS outdoor    £255   for each lesson and school clubs.          
waterproof clothing.                      
        EYFS staff members can access the outside area      
          in all weather.              
          To access competitions more easily and         
Transport for events £395   not to rely heavily on parents to support       
and competitions.     transport to and from these events.        
Action/Resources  Cost   Anticipated Impact      
Penketh High school
        To compete in more competitions with local      
cluster competitions £500   schools and set up links for future leagues and      
Warrington Sports     To provide a lunch time Dance club each week      
Academy   £435   for all children to participate.           
Penketh Tennis  £200   During school sports week, offer a tennis       
Academy       taster session to all classes.          
Madfitness UK   £225   To promote healthy eating and fitness via a theory       
          session and an active session.           
          All classes will receive a free hourly session.      
Supply         To enable staff to take part in CPD training.      
      £670   One subject leader day is required per half term      
          to allow the PE Lead to evaluate and monitor PE.      
Action/Resources  Cost   Anticipated Impact      
          As part of our School Development Plan is to      
Maths of the Day £495   implement Maths across the curriculum, we will       
          use Maths of The Day along side other cross      
          curricular themes.            
Sports Premium Funding is £9515 (Add £3200 carried over from last year=£12,715)       Total spent so far- £11,040.83
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