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P E Funding 2015-2016

PE Additional Provision 2015/16



  • We ensure that teaching and learning opportunities meet the needs of all of the pupils at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School.
  • We ensure plans are directed to increase uptake of PE activities for improved health and fitness, for leisure and for social interaction.
  • We direct plans for increased access for all pupils.
  • We utilise additional funding to maximise sustainability. 

Nature of support  2015/16

We continue our work with LiveWire and other agencies to develop better quality PE and Sports opportunities for our children. 

Costs thus far since the beginning of the financial year include:

  • £1500 to the School Sport Partnership to develop inter and intra-school competitions, discounts for training and access resources and equipment
  • £690 to teaching development in REAL gym training and supply cover
  • £309 for outdoor midday leaders
  • £613 for playtime toys/resources to encourage wellbeing and promote fitness and involvement during break and lunch times
  • £150 for PE kits for new staff
  • £1078 for resources for EYFS PE and whole school REAL Gym
  • £541 for shared teaching day for new staff members
  • £480 for staff twilight training
  • £600 swimming course and cover for 2 staff members  

Total thus far: £5,961


Actions for Autumn and Spring

  • £900 to enhance extracurricular clubs by bringing in coaches to teach unusual sports e.g. boxing, lacrosse
  • Ongoing training
  • Ongoing purchase of resources



Measuring the impact of spending

A variety of measures are used to assess the impact of spending, including increased involvement and motivation.    The PE lead reports back to the SLT and the Governors to this effect. 

Most significantly, the impact of PE and Sports Funding is intended at having a positive effect on both sustainable training for staff and on pupil involvement.  As can be seen above, funding for training is increasing staff skills and understanding for improved teaching and accessibility for pupils.